How to get coins fast in pixel gun 3d

Pixel gun 3d is a shooting game that has a very interesting gameplay. This a very unique game where skill is everything. Meaning there is no use of auto scope and auto shoot.

You will only be given the ability to fly and jump and use as many skins that you want too. In addition, you will be given the chance to select FPS offline modes like team battles, flag capture and pixel man.

This game promises you excellent frame per second and multiplayer would be a breeze.

How to get faster coins in Pixel gun 3d?

Players who join team battles have expressed their frustration of not getting enough coins. The maximum they can manage 5 coins.

In order to avoid this, gaming experts, recommends making the use of survival mode. In this mode you will allowed to walk in circles and make a kill. Once this process is followed, you will be able to make a good number of coins.

Another user in reedit, comments that suing every game mode can be good technique in earning coins faster.

If you play one game mode everyday then you will have the ability to double the rewards. In addition, as soon as you level up, you will open a gateway of more gems and coins.

If the above method, is too stressful for you, try creating a gem creator. Once a gem creator is created, you will be able to manage three coins per day. Furthermore, you need to participate in lot of battles to get coins faster.

Players from all around the word say that the only way to make coins a bit faster is to participate in campaigns. Once you participate in campaign you will gain experience and coins. Keep playing campaign to earn fortune.

Coin farming

After many updates, pixel gun 3d have managed coin farming. This has made coin earning to be tough, but there are tricks available which can mitigate this issue.

To avoid this, it is recommended that you use the best of weapon and gadgets which can earn you 25 coins each day.

Another method of doubling the coins, is the use of a different server. Meaning you need to leave a particular server and go to a different server as quickly as possible.

Since you have very less time in finishing matches, make sure that you don’t come with players that can match your score in different servers.

Final thoughts

From the above information, it can be concluded that the best ways to earn coins faster is through survival mode, campaign and participating in maximum battles.

All these methods are genuine and you can try them out at any given point of time. Since this game is particularly based on surviving skills, earning of coins becomes a necessity.

Use these methods regularly, to earn up 25 coins. In addition if you are participating on a campaign mode, make sure that you are well equipped with top notch gadgets and weapon and always try to keep your armour full.