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How Devi's Closet Works
How do I rent from Devi’s Closet?
When should I make my reservation?
When does my rental period begin and end?
My rental period ends on a Sunday or holiday. What should I do?
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Who we are

What is Devi’s Closet?

Devi’s Closet is a luxury e-commerce site that rents designer outfits and accessories for a fraction of the retail price and delivers them directly to your door. It is an exciting new way for women to experience high-end fashion. Our fashionable members are addicted to finding the perfect look for every occasion. We are committed to delivering a fun, luxurious, convenient experience so that every woman can access a wardrobe of a goddess. 
How Devi's Closet Works

How do I become a Devi's Closet member?

Devi's Closet membership is free, and you can sign up here

What if my password does not work?
Click the Forgot Password link on our homepage. If you’re still having log-in difficulties, contact


How do I rent from Devi’s Closet?

1. Shop. Enter the date of your event, your size and shipping zip code on our homepage and you will receive a result set of outfits and accessories available for your special occasion. Filter by occasion, style or designer to find the look you love. Need help during your shopping process? Call our customer service anytime at 1-888-991-DEVI

2. Reserve. On any product page, select the size that you want in your outfit, enter your shipping zip code and the date you want your outfits/accessories to arrive. You’ll have the option to rent for either 4 days or 8 days. We recommend booking weeks in advance of your event to ensure that you get your first choice styles. 

3. Wear. To your date, wedding, cocktail party—whatever the event, we know it’s important to you and we will make sure that your order arrives exactly when you need it. 
4. Return. Each order comes with a pre-paid, pre-addressed return box that you can drop at any USPS location. No need to worry about dry-cleaning or any other fuss. Just drop your order at any location on the 4th or 8th day of your rental period. 
When should I make my reservation?

As soon as you know you need it! Ideally, you should make your reservation at least three weeks in advance of your event to guarantee you get your first choice. We recommend reserving your outfit to be delivered 1-2 days before your event. 

When does my rental period begin and end?

Your rental period starts on the day your order is delivered, which is the date you select on the reservation calendar. For example, if you select to have your outfit delivered on a Friday, that is your start date and you would need to drop your order in a mailbox to be returned to us on Monday (4 days later). We ask that you postmark your outfit back to us by noon on the last day of your rental. If your rental ends on Sunday or holiday, it needs to be postmarked the following business day.

My rental period ends on a Sunday or holiday. What should I do?

Not to worry – just drop your return box in any blue United States Postal Service location. Your package will be postmarked the following business day and will arrive back to us on time. 

How do I cancel my order?

Contact customer service right away at 1-888-991-DEVI. We’ll be happy to take care of it for you. Just let us know as soon as you can! Remember, if you cancel your order within 30 days of your rental start date, we will issue you a merchandise credit in the amount of your order. If you call with at least 30 day’s notice, we will happily issue you a full refund.

Renting Outfits

What if the outfit I rent doesn't fit?

If your outfit doesn't fit, contact us immediately upon receiving your order and be sure to postmark the unworn outfits within 24 hours. Once we receive your outfits, we will issue a merchandise credit less the cost of shipping. We only issue merchandise credits for fit in the following scenarios: 1) You reserve only one outfit and it does not fit 2) You reserve more than one outfit and none of them fit. If any of the outfits in your order fit, we do consider this a successful rental. We do not issue partial credits. 

What is a back-up size?
A back-up size is the second size of a Saree or a Lengha blouse that we let you rent FOR FREE if available. 
Can I alter something I’ve borrowed?
No. If you make alterations to something you’ve borrowed from our closet, you’ll be charged for the full retail value of the outfit. 
What if I accidentally stain or damage the outfit?
Don’t worry! We understand that some wear and tear may be inevitable and beyond your control. Our dry cleaner can take care of most minor damage. So please don’t try to clean the item on your own before shipping it back to us. And the $5 insurance charge on each outfit you rent will cover these types of situations. Although significant destruction like the outfit is torn apart at all the seams, fire damage, theft, your credit card will be charged immediately for the full retail price of the outfit. There are no payment plans. 
How do I know my outfit is clean?
We've partnered with a premier outfit specialist in NYC and developed a process that ensures stringent quality control. We'll only ship outfits that receive a 100% fresh seal of approval. Our dry cleaner is an expert in eco-friendly, luxury dry cleaning. They utilize an environmentally safe process that certifies that every garment is thoroughly cleaned and cared for, maintaining the impeccable quality of the garment while being kind to the environment (not to mention to your health!). Our packaging is also specially designed to fully protect the outfits during shipment. 
What if I want to keep the outfit?
Sorry, you need to buy the outfit from the designer or at retail if you want it; otherwise we won't be able to offer other customers the experience of trying out new styles. Feel free to call our customer service center for recommendations on retailers who may sell a particular outfit. If you keep the outfit you will be charged 2 times the retail. 
Renting Accessories

Can I rent accessories alone or do I have to rent them with an outfit?

You can absolutely rent accessories to update an outfit that you already own and love. You don’t have to rent an outfit to rent accessories, but it is more fun! 
What if I rent accessories with my outfit and I have to return my outfit early because it doesn’t fit?
If your outfit doesn't fit, you can return it within 24 hours for a full merchandise credit excluding shipping, but we will not offer refunds or credits on accessories. You are welcome to keep your accessories for the full rental period and return them separately - it's the perfect opportunity to update a outfit you already own or glitz up a classic white blouse or tee. 
What if I accidentally damage the jewelry?
As with our outfits, insurance has you covered for normal wear and tear- if a clasp malfunctions or you lose an earring back our insurance will cover the repair. Significant destruction to the accessory will result in a charge equivalent to the full retail price. There are no payment plans. 
How do I know my accessories are clean and sanitized?
All of the jewelry is steam cleaned at our warehouse. 
What if I fall in love and want to buy an accessory that I rented?
We know it’s hard to part with something you love, but please be sure to return your order on time. If you are interested in purchasing an accessory, contact us at, and we will do our best to help you locate it!
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